The Sillydot is the site of Vera Costa, a San Francisco based kids clothing designer and artist.

The site features her beautiful and extremely cute clothing designs for kids and I designed the web site to emphasize Vera's artistic vision to enliven Kids' creativity, love of nature, peace, sillyness, and FUN!

Contribution: Web


MapSkip is my partner Thomas' and my brain child: Make the world a rich canvas for stories and photos.

The design was inspired by native Rock Art: Hand prints that share stories about life and culture over the centuries.

Contribution: Web

Micha Patri Music

Micha Patri's website is the showcase of his musical career. It promotes his album and his dedicated work in his local community.

I collaborated with multiple stakeholders on creating the final design.

The goal of this design is to show his musical ambition and to recreate the excitment of his performances.

Contribution: Web

Paul Chutkow

Paul Chutkow's portfolio web site contains his collective works of books, magazine articles, and film projects. This site was set up to promote his documentary film project, "Robert Mondavi". I designed the entire web site to highlight his passionate aesthetics: clean, elegant, masculine. The design also conveys the global aspect of his career over the past four decades.

Contribution: Web / Print / Photography

Scriptorium St. Francis

This site is Thomas Ingmire's showcase of his calligraphic art works. The web site also allows his audience to buy the artworks online.

Contribution: Web

Codici 1

A promotional web site for the first book on contemporary calligraphic research by Thomas Ingmire. I designed the site to have a distinguished look and to be user-friendly for a conservative audience that is more familiar with print materials. (These pages are now integrated into the Scriptorium St Francis web site)

Contribution: Web

Words for Peace (non profit)

Web site for "Words for Peace" - a peace project I was engaged in together with Thomas Ingmire and Betsy Raymond.

Contribution: Web / Print / Logo / Photography / Art Installation

For more information about "Words for Peace", please visit

Karla Hour

While I created a new logo and print design for advertising, I also proposed this new look for the Karla Hour Couture web site.

Contribution: Web (proposed) / Print / Logo

Innovative Mortgage Solutions

Innovative Mortgage Solutions wanted to redesign their web site and asked for a new calculator feature. I designed two different versions and they picked the one that looks friendlier rather than conservative to approach their potential clients who are in special situations.

Contribution: Web


Plastikon wanted a new website that shows their world class operation and systems that are superior in the plastics industry today. I designed and developed the entire web site which shows a high-tech, clean look and feel.

Contribution: Web / Photography


I proposed a home page design that incorporated their logo and made good use of its limited color scheme.

Contribution: Web (proposed)


Offerings is a co-creative field where people share the rich and diverse artistic expressions.

I devoted myself to designing and developing the print prototype with a varied creative team.

View samples

Contribution: Layout design / Logo / Photography

For more information about Offerings, go to

Paul Chutkow

After our creative and fun web site project, Paul also wanted me to work on his print design needs.

Contribution: Web / Print (business card) / Photography

Words for Peace (non profit)

I designed a flyer to promote the second exhibition for "Words for Peace" at Hays Valley in San Francisco.

Contribution: Web / Print / Logo / Photography / Art Installation

For more information about "Words for Peace",

go to

Calendar 2000

To celebrate and remember the end of the last century, I designed a calendar for 2000 which featured my beloved city - San Francisco.

View the calendar

Some of you are missing San Francisco so much after you've left. Some of you have never seen one of the prettiest cities in the USA. So enjoy this imaginary trip to SF! Click the place you want to visit and you will see, smell, hear and feel the wonderful life in San Francisco.

You may even find yourself in this photo gallery!